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Summers Were Made for Us

Boys & Girls Clubs offers the absolute best in summer programming and entertainment. We even invite parents in on the fun too (sometimes)!

Last year we had the best summer ever, but this year is already shaping up to be even more amazing! BGCSM summer camps offer kids – and parents – more options than traditional day camps. We do everything from meditate to the latest trap records – edited, of course – to learning how to become Detroit’s next generation of beekeepers.

Take a look at some of last year’s highlights as you decide which of our Clubs will be your home-away-from-home this summer!

Photo: Urban Content Studios

This summer, we actually flew real planes! There’s probably a lot more to say about that, but did you fly your first plane before you could operate a scooter solo?

Photo: Urban Content Studios

Speaking of scooters, Spin donated scooters to us to help us with mobility. We actually wear helmets, unlike most of the crazy adults you’ll see trying to look cool downtown.

Do you know who Jalen Rose is? Because we do. He was featured on the podcast “Kneading the Dough” last summer. The program allows professional and former-pro athletes talk about their paths to superstardom while ensuring they didn’t lose it all.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Martez Brooks

No summer is complete without…lights! BGCSM took a group of Club Kids to the Detroit fireworks as a reward for keeping good grades during this past school year.

It’s not too early to enroll in a BGCSM summer camp! Click here to find the Club near you and enroll your child today!

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