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Redefining the Term “Extracurricular” for Detroit Youth

An extracurricular activity is one that falls outside of the scope of normal school, college or university education. By definition, the term “extracurricular” refers to something that is…well, extra – nice to have perhaps, but unnecessary.

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By this rationale, it’s no wonder that when funding becomes an issue, as it has for many public schools across the nation, after-school activities such as band, pep squads, debate and sports teams, are often the first to go.

Should we be looking at extracurricular activities differently?

We think so! Our newly reimagined programming at Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan reflects the value we place on high quality extracurricular, after school activities.

Detroit native Terry Whitfield believes that we can alter the life trajectory of Detroit youth by providing them with after school learning and development experiences that go beyond the classroom.

On a recent tour of the Ruhr Valley in Germany, and Barcelona, Spain, Terry got a first hand look at creative and impactful ways that this can be done. Read more about his experience with the Skillman Foundation here:

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