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Tony RoKo Coaches Club Members For Art Exhibit At The Detroit Foundation Hotel

On Monday, June 3rd, two of our Club members had the incredible opportunity to learn the art of painting from acclaimed Detroit artist, Tony RoKo.

Set at the luxurious Detroit Foundation Hotel, RoKo and a group of his artist friends provided hands-on guidance, walking easel to easel coaching students on technique and application.

What emerged from the session was a series of beginners masterpieces which will be displayed at the Detroit Foundation Hotel throughout the month of June.

The opportunity came through the Art Foundation, a non-profit founded by RoKo in 2017 to expose kids and diverse communities to the arts.

“The Art Foundation’s mission is to provide art education and creative expression opportunities for youth in Southeast Michigan schools and therapeutic facilities,” said Greg Hoffman, Executive Director of the Art Foundation. “The program will begin to develop each student’s distinct style and intuitive self-expression.”

Check out the highlights below:

Tony RoKo has left an enduring mark on the city of Detroit.

Through his portraiture, the award winning artist captures the grit and the grandeur of the city through his signature style which celebrates the vibrancy of the Detroit’s future and embodies the backbone its industrial past.

Celebrated nationwide, RoKo’s artwork spans several mediums.

From his commissioned works at Michigan Central Train Station to his permanent collection pieces displayed at the Holocaust Memorial Center, to his commercial designs for Atwater Brewery, and his individual artwork personally commissioned by the likes of Lady Gaga and Jay Leno – it’s no wonder that Tony has been named Detroit’s Best Fine Artist for five consecutive years!

As his star continues to rise, RoKo, who was “discovered” while working on a Ford assembly line nearly 30 years ago, is intentional about remaining grounded and connected to the diverse people of Detroit. His non-profit Art Foundation is a testament to this commitment.

RoKo’s approach to mentorship helps to foster creativity and allows kids to hone their own artistic signature through the medium of painting.

The works painted by our Club members is currently on display at the Detroit Fountain Hotel at 250 West Larned Street. Stop by and check it out!

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