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2020 Countdown

2019 was an amazing year for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan – Take a look at 7 of the year’s highlights!






#7 Shawn H. Wilson

Not only did our new president & CEO complete his first 100 days at the top of this year, he’s still with us! True, he’s learned that he may be better in the boardroom than against our Club Kids on the ball court, but he’s a wonderful addition we’re thankful to have.



#6 DON Weekend


#5 Purposeful Partnerships


#4 Summers to Remember


#3 Reimagining Coming to Life


#2 Great Futures Awards


#1 Working with you!


This year can best be measured by each youth, volunteer, staffer and partner who come through our doors. And our extended family who may never get a chance to drop by but think of us often and help however they can. Thank you all for being you!

Have a safe and pleasant new year. We’ll see you in 2020!