Welcome to BGCSM’s Virtual Club Experience!

Your BGCSM membership just got a whole lot better! Now in addition to your physical home Club location, you have access to virtual club five days a week! All for just $50 per year.

What is Virtual Club?

Virtual club is the virtual version of BGCSM. Club members can participate in fun programs, meaningful activities, and keep in touch with Club leaders and friends, without leaving their homes. From live DJ’s to special guest instructors, the virtual club is fast-paced, fun and full of learning opportunities.

Why Virtual Club?

45% of our virtual club members self-reported signs of mild to severe anxiety. Virtual club is designed to create a sense of familiarity and provide social and emotional support during these uncertain times. So each day at 3 p.m., Club members log on to virtual club to receive the support they need from Club staff and join their friends in fun activities and programs designed to lift their spirits, keep brains learning, and bodies active.

Staying Connected with friends and staff virtually.

We’re still here and excited to bring virtual club to your homes while our physical Club locations are closed. Don’t worry, when the “shelter in place” restriction is lifted, we still plan to maintain and grow the virtual club for BGCSM Club members.

Club Schedule


Please click the button below to continue to the consent form so that your child may participate in VCX.

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