BGCSM Closings FAQs

1.) What is being done at BGCSM to ensure kids and staff are safe?

BGCSM’s highest priority always is the health and safety of our kids and staff. We have taken precautionary measures by implementing our company strategy which includes.

2.) How many Clubs are closed, and long will the Clubs be closed?

All Club locations are currently closed. Clubs will reopen based on state and federal recommendations.

3.) What is BGCSM doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our children and staff. We notified our staff and Club kid parents with a company-wide email and printed correspondence. We held in-person meetings with leadership and shared our strategy and protocols, provided materials from the CDC which are posted at each Club, sent a follow-up company statement, provided additional cleaning supplies and instructions and will deep clean all Clubs within the next week.

4.) How do we know that the staff or volunteers aren’t infected?

Clubs are required to notify the VP of People & Culture of any staff members and Club kids who are not at work or the Club due to new respiratory illness symptoms. We have shared information from the CDC which will educate our staff and volunteers on what symptoms to look for that could potentially be Coronavirus. Until a staff member or volunteer has been tested or shows potential symptoms, we do not know if they are or could be infected.

5.) Have the staff been tested for Coronavirus?

Only those who are showing potential symptoms are tested. At this point, we are unaware if any of our team members are infected.

6.) If something does happen how will parents be communicated with?

Communication is very important during this time and we want to provide peace of mind to our parent and kids. Parents will receive electronic communications to their email. If additional questions arise, parents should contact their respective Club directors via email for support.

7.) Where can we get updates on when the Club opens again?

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan follows the operative schedule of our local schools. If your school is closed, the local Club in your community will also be closed. Please check school closings on the local media websites.

8.) What will you do while the Club is closed to engage members?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan will continue to provide high quality youth development programs for children in our community. We are in the process of creating a suite of online activities for our Club kids. We will provide updates on our website.